Applicant must be a born-again Christian for at least two (2) years.

Applicant must  have already demonstrated his/or commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ through a godly lifestyle.

Applicant must be willing to abide by the regulation of the school.

The Ministry Training Program is available to students desiring ministry training and  Church planting.



  1. Two passport-size photographs.
  2. One page written testimony of conversion and call to ministry.
  3. A written recommendation by the applicant’s Senior Pastor.
  4. A photocopy of all relevant academic Certificates.
  5. The application form needs to be duly signed by their respective pastors before submitting to ATC’s Administration Offices.
  6. The application form HAS TO BE SUBMITTED to ATC’s Administration Office TWO MONTHS BEFORE the commencement of the new semester.


  1. Blankets, Pillow Cases and Bed sheets
  2. Pens, Pencils and other stationeries such as:  Ruler, Eraser, sharpener, files for notes, if desired
  3. Cup, Plate, bowl, Water Bottle, Fork and Spoon
  4. Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Comb, Face or Bathing Towel and Soap (for bathing and washing clothes)
  5. Any other personal or hygiene needs such as:  Shoe Polish, Shampoo, Deodorants, Slippers, etc.)
  6. Enough money for transport back to home church, cum weekends’ ministries (offering and tithes)
  7. Any other personal or hygiene needs such as: Shoe Polish, Shampoo, Deodorants, mosquito netting, etc.


  1. Applicant must have been a born-again Christian for at least 2 years and be part of a ministry in the church.
  2. Applicant must have already demonstrated their commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ through a Godly lifestyle.
  3. Applicants must be willing to abide by the regulations of ATC.
  4. The Ministry Training Program is recommended for students desiring Ministry Equipping and Church Planting training.
  5. First Time Applicants will be required to go through English Proficiency Test.

The unique goal of the Africa Theological Center is to teach you the entirety of God’s Word—verse by verse—through the entire Bible in just two years. Our main goal is to know God through His written and live Word, which is the most significant knowledge in the entire universe. The purpose of this practical application of the understanding of God and His changing love is to serve Jesus Christ by serving others and pointing them toward Him.

Course Fees

MTP Module 1 (3 months)                                                                        60,000

MTP Module 2 (3 months)                                                                         60,000

Certificate in in Christian Service                                                           150,000 

Associate Diploma in Christian Service                                                  200,000

Diploma in Christian Service                                                                   250,000

Degree in Biblical Studies                                                                        300,000