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All of our academic programs share the central purpose of preparing Spirit-filled men and women for Christian service. Whether it is in the context of vocational ministry, education, business, music, counseling, or other areas of study your personal, professional and spiritual development are essential. The entire program consists of five (5) levels and each level takes 6 months to complete.  

Ministry Training Program

This program is offered in two modules, each taking three months. The course includes a broad range of challenging, faith-building, and biblically-based studies relevant for personal, pastoral, church and community life.

Diploma in Christian Service

Christian Maturity is an introductory study to the subject of the Christian’s growth. The study gives attention to the role of Christian service in the believer’s growth.

Certificate in Christian Service

This program runs for six months. When you complete this certificate, you will gain a foundation in Bible and Theology and learn the basic ministry skills that will help you better serve in your church.

Bachelor Degree in Biblical Study

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree program will equip you to interpret the Bible for yourself and others. Your ability to understand and apply the Bible will be enhanced through historical and contextual exploration of scripture.

ATC continues to grow and impact both Pastors and Leaders. We have seen great progress in many areas and yet in other areas we need a greater commitment from Pastors and those who send students to ATC to prepare their students before they send them.